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Troubleshooting LTI

LTI Launch error codes#

The IDaP provides error codes that help you track down why an identity token isn’t being processed as expected.


An HTTP verb other than POST was used to make the request, OR the body of the POST request was empty.


The token was not correctly passed to the authentication endpoint in the body of a POST request. Ensure that the token is present in either the id_token or JWT fields, and that the form is submitted with a MIME type of either application/x-www-form-urlencoded OR application/json.


The IDaP could not interpret the contents of the JWT provided. Ensure that the JWT meets the format requirements. Consider using an open source library to build your tokens if you are not already doing so.


The provided token was missing one or more required claims. Ensure that all LTI fields are prefixed with Refer to the Compulsory claims section above.


The token has been issued with a deployment_id that is unknown to the IDaP. Ensure that LTI is appropriately configured in the IDaP tenancy.


The token failed validation. Ensure that it was signed with the correct private key, the algorithm is valid (either RS256, RS384 or RS512) and that the required claims match their expected values as defined in the Compulsory claims section of this document.


The user could not be found, and the tenant's LTI settings prevent new users from being provisioned on-demand. Check your sub claim and make sure it can be resolved to a unique identifier.


There was an error while retrieving the user details by UUID. Check the error message for a resolution hint.


There was an error while retrieving the user details by e-mail address. Check the error message for a resolution hint.


The tenant is not licensed to use the application being launched into.